Our Windows

We aim to provide our customers with an affordable solution to fulfil your glazing requirements. We provide custom designs to suit your taste and needs for your property, with feature enhanced style, security and energy efficient windows. We can provide a comprehensive range of different styles and shapes of windows for you to chose from,each one available in a wide selection of different materials and colours. Here at KL Home Improvements we work with well known and trusted suppliers so that you can have peace of mind, all our windows come with a CPA backed 10 year guarantee.


There are many benefits to be gained from fitting our energy efficient window units into your home. The Energy Savings Trust advises that you could save £170 per year on your heating bills by installing thermally efficient double glazed window units. uPVC frames are low maintenance, last a long time and can be recycled, Wooden frames can have a lower environmental impact, but require maintenance. They are often used in conservation areas where the original windows were timber framed & Aluminium frames are slim and long-lasting, can be recycled and offer a conteporary look.

Today’s double glazing comes with an array of locking mechanisms and shoot bolt systems, these complex locking systems together with reinforced hinges and internal beading, which prevent the frame being jimmied from the outside, all contribute to the safety of your home. Some insurers offer reductions in premium when you have lockable windows.

Noise can be all pervasive.  It can affect your sleep, your stress levels, concentration and performance at work, and ultimately, even your health.  But with acoustic double glazed windows, your quality of home life can improve immeasurably.

When it’s done right adding double glazed windows can increase the value of your property if you don’t already have them. It really smartens up the appearance of a home which as most of us know “first impressions” really do count. With this in mind getting the outside of your home looking great is essential.


The main benefits of upvc windows are,security,low maintanance,energy eficiency and durabilty.upvc windows can come in many different forms.They can range from standard casement windows,which are found on most homes,to the stylish and luxury looking sliding sash windows.The upvc windows can be offered in up to fifty different colours to suit any character property.